Hey! We are Easydays Creative.

We are a creative agency making video content through live-action, motion graphics and animation. We can take you from initial ideas to end-product as well as becoming an extended part of your team on larger video projects.

Calum & Wilfred

Calum & Wilfred of Easydays

Working with us guarantees a personal and collaborative approach to production; as a partnership, we thrive on sharing ideas and approaches and seeing them come to life. With experience in areas such as motion design, graphic design, videography and animation, we possess the multi-disciplinary skills to elevate your idea or project to the next level.
To get an idea of the things we do, check out our showreel!
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So what can we actually do for you?
We've worked on many projects, from events, animated explainers, crowdfunding, branding and marketing for platforms across web, mobile and tv.​​​​​​​
Have you got an event coming up that you want covered? Great!
A new product that you want to tell people about? We'd love to hear about it!
Maybe you're opening a new shop? Exciting!
Or maybe you just need some more hands on deck for your blockbuster; in that case we've got experience with filming, visual effects, animation, motion graphics and further post-production.
While we are a small operation, there is no barrier on the variety of projects we love to work on. Read more about some of our past projects below:
Got an idea?
Excited? A little bit nervous? Ready to create something?
So are we, so let’s make it happen!
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Some of our (awesome) clients
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